My approach is:

Discuss the problem – calmly

Assess the requirement – quickly

Provide business planning – ensuring commerciality is at the forefront

Deliver, not just a report – but the project

Recent Case Studies

In addition to the work undertaken within the Home-delivery and Rail Commercial headings, Commercial activity has included:

A 3rd generation building group, active in both commercial contracting and house building sectors were experiencing a slow down within their core activity markets , with a catastrophic effect on their non-core activities such as builders merchants and manufacturing of door/windows. The problems were exacerbated by inter-family dependencies on annual dividends, which were much diminished.
I was asked to review the businesses and prepare a 3 year plan.
The plans spun-off non-core activity, each with a profitability plan that excluded 100% reliance on Group and more 3rd party business.
Core activities were promoted only within specific margins, making them leaner but profitable.
Family cohesion was restored with the return of dividend payment to the 1st and 2nd generation family members, with 3rd generation members having control of discreet business units.

Having won a national contract to supply and install signage to a well-known leisure operator, this regional sign manufacturer could not marry the vast increase in manufacturing output to the installation requirements (tight deadlines with severe time-penalty clauses). The resultant manufacturing, installation and cash flow problems were causing consternation in both the National leisure operator and the Client’s Bank.
I was asked to review the operations and deliver the resultant program of works.
The 18 month program included a modest factory extension and a new manufacturing software system that linked to a project planning tool that ensured that manufacturing and installation were in sync. Manufacturing and Installation managers were engaged and became Directors.
The resultant on-time installations resulted in on-time payment which satisfied Banking covenants.
The deliverables also ensured that additional contracts could be bid for with confidence .

The owner of a number of static-caravan leisure sites asked me to review the operations to assess whether profitability could be enhanced at each site.
A site-specific revised operations plan was devised to include a new (at that time) log-cabin concept, where customers purchased spacious and energy efficient log cabins for 10 year ‘slots’, before upgrading the cabins.
Each site was upgraded to include additional activities/amenities, in keeping with the upgraded homes
The resultant cabin sales took off with added- value items (outside storage, balconies etc) being very popular. The additional activities also produced year –round income.

In addition to the above sectors, I have also worked in the High Street Retail, Professional Services, Shipping and Forwarding and Financial Services sectors. Further details of the work undertaken in these sectors could also be provided upon request.