My first day in the Rail Industry was in 2005 and I was hooked from that first day.

A giant, state run business, privatised and divided into TOCS and Track owners, the Franchising mechanism, Public sector oversight and control – complications and challenges I thrive on!

Having worked for 3 TOCS and the DfT I am in a position to offer commercial advice, project delivery, benefits realisation, high level dispute negotiations and settlement with other TOCS, DFT and NR.

Projects undertaken to date include:


Maximise financial returns for a TOC having lost their franchise or having secured a limited franchise extension.

Franchise Bidding.

Strategic Farebox reviews to maximise revenues including plans to develop market share and drive ‘channel shift’ to lower cost platforms.

Strategy and Project delivery of cost-out, cost-down exercises.

Project delivery of committed obligations including delivery of new websites, FTM’s, gate-line barriers, e-ticketing including smart cards (ITSO and c-EMV) and mobile Apps.

Claims negotiations on disputes with DfT, NR and TLP.

Agree an end-to-end CP5 settlement with DfT.


Negotiations with TOCS to resolve franchise contractual issues.